Services at Wearpact

As an established manufacturer and supplier in the earthmoving industry, Wearpact understands the importance of supply and demand.

Different customers have different requirements – always at affordable prices for the best quality product. Wearpact is able to assist with these varied requirements through our manufacturing ability of customized products.

Owing to the nature of the normal wear-and-tear of the earthmoving wear parts and GET, a new “demand” was created. Customers do not always need brand new buckets. Wearpact has a competent boiler-making workshop which provides superior refurbishments to buckets and mouldboards.

About Us

Wearpact Replacement Parts cc was established in 1985 by a team, driven by a passion for providing progressive products and services to the earthmoving, mining, agricultural, rail and construction industries.

Wearpact is a local, proudly South African manufacturer and supplier of earthmoving wear parts and Ground Engaging Tools (GET). Through our consistently high-quality products at competitive prices, efficient service and quick delivery time, the Wearpact brand has a superior reputation throughout South Africa, and various parts of Africa.


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